Friday, December 15, 2023

Happy Bday to DAP's Biggest Fan!


The day my book was finished, my mother-in-law became a fan. All these years later, she is one of the very few people to ask me about how my business is going. When she asks, I still get surprised because I am not used to people asking me about that part of my life. Despite this blog, I am very private about my creative process. I usually keep this blog to help me with accountability. I feel called to create and Chris gets that about me. She is a good listener (something that my husband gets from her) and is genuinely interested in my process. I kid you not, she still has my drawings on her walls and art projects that still makes me cringe. 

I believe, I have a talent to see what people really would like for their birthday. So we hopped over to her house to spend time with her. That's what she really likes... your time. So I made the butter chicken she likes (the bean is crazy for it) and played board games. I also embroidered some lovely bedsheets.  Yuh gul still working on the needle-work skills, but she loved it anyway. I am very grateful for her support. Pillars like that are very important to artists. Now that the bean has gotten older, she comes to me for advice and support and it feels wonderful to reciprocate Chris' kindness.

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