Monday, January 24, 2022

DAP-Poetry Mondays


A haiku is often a three line poem that consists of a phrase and a fragment where two of the lines comprise the phrase and the other line is the fragment.  The fragment is either in the first or third lines.

Haiku are written in 17 syllables or less - preferably less according to the many online reputable sites. Haiku in English work the best around 10 to 12 syllables, otherwise they can become too wordy and this can cloud the image.

These days a haiku captures one or two moments by using clear and vivid images...roses evoke spring, fallen leaves relate to autumn, etc. The poets go outdoors and observe their surroundings; they write down images to capture a succinct scene. A reader should be able to read the haiku and "see" the images from the words. It's challenging. Basically a haiku is an unfinished poem - the readers interpret what it means by putting the images together.

On September 15, 2013, I uploaded to poemhunter my first poem. I was (and still am) proud of it.

Fingers like lighting

Now, typing insatiably

The printer vomits

Now this is my new poem for 1-24-2022

Seeking, 22 windows

The median in a house

Filled with our sunshine


I haven’t decided if I want to make this a podcast as yet. I really need to work on my video editing skills, so my poem exercises may come in handy.