Friday, September 29, 2017

Finding DAP's inner YoYo

As analogies go... Am I Hiao-Tsiun Ma or his dad? Who is Hiao-Tsiun Ma? He was a Chinese violinist and professor of music at Nanjing National Central University. One would say that he was accomplished, but not famous. Hiao-Tsiun Ma is the father of the famous cellist, Yo Yo Ma, who was a child  prodigy and most famous performance to date was at the inauguration of President Obama. Ironically, that performance was mimed because it was so cold. I didn't think you could mime a cello. Anyway, I digressed... So am I Hiao or Yo Yo? Neither, I am Hiao's grandfather who was still sweating it out in China with the daily struggle and dreaming of the big someday. Yo Yo's grandfather always said that success usually takes 3 generations. So in the long term perspective, do I have the potential to be Hiao-Tsium or Yo Yo Ma? This analogy was brought on by my personal reflection as well as a review of the work I have actually accomplished. 

Looking back at this very blog, I realize that the last posting to this blog as several years ago. In my mind, however, it felt like I last posted some time during Christmas. 

I was however, working on my dreams a lot off line and I feel pretty positive about my artistic future. But do I want to become as famous as Yo Yo? I believe the jury is out on that one.
Here are some of the pics of my GNG friends play testing my game.

Update: Check out what happened at the public debut of my game Land Sea and Sky.