Thursday, January 24, 2019

DAP, are you all the way in?

 Free thought drawing using a circle

OK... so I started blogging again, with 'again' being the operative word in that statement. The drawing above, is one of the drawing exercises that I gave myself. Today's exercises: Draw a circle and from that circle, create a drawing without pre-thought or planning. This is a creativity exercise but creativity isn't my problem. I don't get writer's block. My problem is consistency and procrastination. I realize that I procrastinate when I haven't solidified or sold an idea to myself. Getting started on an in depth project would mean that I may have to abandon it when it doesn't work. Yes, lack of money and life intrusions can be persuasive excuses, but I actually know people who do not let those excuses distance them from their main focus. #YvonneWalker

Earlier today I was channel surfing and came upon a T. D. Jakes message. He sounded compelling, so I continued to listen. Pastor Jakes told a story about a boy who was upset because he kept falling out of his bed and asked his mother why it kept happening. His mother's answer was illuminating.
     "Because you never get all the way in."

So that's it! That's the answer, that boldly ends with a preposition. Despite being consistent and diligent with my research and planning, I don't always execute my ideas. After some heavy soul searching for what I really want from myself and my ideas. I have learned to edit my projects to realistic bite sizes. so I can believe that I will be able to eat my elephant size goals. I thought I was editing before, but my ego kept preventing me from seeing what I need to see. The most important realization of them all; to appreciate timing and time. Timing: When to choose promotion, development and maintenance. Time: Carving out a realistic time for myself to write and to draw AND TO STICK WITH IT! I'm interested to see the results of my enlightenment. The proof will be in the pudding. Like any good desert, I shall endeavor to deserve it.

Since I am always creating, I have decided to share with yawl one of my silly sketches. I call it "Sketches from the bathroom floor." The GNG created a written exercise once on pareidolia images. I don't remember if the work is in our book 'In a Nuttshell' but if your interested in our writing you can check it out. You can also read the results of our GNG meetings at