Wednesday, November 24, 2021

KNOW WHEN TO HOLD 'EM: When to drop an idea or to start again.


Fly on the wall? In the writing room with the Brother's Grimm. All those years of research and then having to look at it all and put it into a body of work that has stood the test of time. Now it's my turn and I had to do something today, that I am getting tired of doing... Scrapping work that no longer matches the research. Ahhhhhh!


The next thing you know, you're going through the five stages of grief with your written pages.

Denial. "No! No! Not today!"

Anger. "Pleeese don't tell me that I spent all that damn time with this sheeeet! F dat!"

Bargaining. "I can make this work! It's not all down the drain! Surely I can use this paragraph somewhere else."

Depression. "I'm never going to finish this. Looks like I'll die with the music still inside me."

Acceptance. "Look, gul, you've chosen to do this. Future you is never going to forgive you for giving up and you know what a pill you can be."  

So, I add my complaint to the mountain of others when I say... "Writing is hard, yo!"

The concept is easy enough;

1. Get an idea. (I have tons of those!)

2. Vomit on the page. Forget about editing and get it all down. (This is my Achilles' heel. I keep editing or checking research)

3. Re-read and craft sentences.

4. Re-read and Edit.

Getting it all down it a more difficult than it sounds in my current project. There are 16 stories and just when I think that the tales are solid, WHAM! A YouTube video goes... SIKE! However, I am happy to report that I've got the outline... this time. No, really... It's ALL WORKED OUT! Umm, at least, I think so.