Monday, April 25, 2022

Poetry Monday: Admiration


We smile when the food comes to the table.
Polite smiles until the waiter walks away.
We needed this food
To swallow 
A long day 
With mixed emotions.
There is quiet at the dinner table.
Rhythmic chewing and swallowing takes everyone 
Into their own thoughts.
Knife into fork.
I'm finished.
Baby girl began speaking.
Proud parents are smiling.
An effervescent Joi,
Captures her audience then releases them to a moment of silence. 
A statement than a question 
To her dreamy eyed mother,
"Just looking."
I smile
She smiles
We smile and she knows, but still asks
"Because you exist. Can't I admire you now and then?"
Admire her as one would a blue sky
Or misty mountains.
I see her.
She sees me.
She smiles.
I smile.
We smile.


Monday, April 11, 2022

DAP Poetry Monday: Hungry like a wolf


Hungry like a wolf

Howling to be seen and heard

Barking at the past


Hungry like a wolf

Ushering the dawn of change

With my noshing teeth


Hungry like a wolf

Conjuring my own food source

To a permanent plate