Thursday, November 16, 2017

DAP Works

I never want to start writing a story until I have it worked out in my head. My thinking process could take years, but today... I've done it. I finally have all of the stories worked out. Now on to the hard part... writing it down and the illustrations. Sometimes I think that I enjoy the stories too much in my head and it is my ego that wants to write it down. Now that I am getting older, I suddenly have a new reason to write it all down. I was working on my fairy tale story book and started telling the tales to my daughter at bedtime and then I realized that I was forgetting details and was ummmming too much. Yup. I need to get this stuff down. I drew the sketch below in 1991. It is one of my inspirations for my new fairy tale book.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Finding DAP's inner YoYo

As analogies go... Am I Hiao-Tsiun Ma or his dad? Who is Hiao-Tsiun Ma? He was a Chinese violinist and professor of music at Nanjing National Central University. One would say that he was accomplished, but not famous. Hiao-Tsiun Ma is the father of the famous cellist, Yo Yo Ma, who was a child  prodigy and most famous performance to date was at the inauguration of President Obama. Ironically, that performance was mimed because it was so cold. I didn't think you could mime a cello. Anyway, I digressed... So am I Hiao or Yo Yo? Neither, I am Hiao's grandfather who was still sweating it out in China with the daily struggle and dreaming of the big someday. Yo Yo's grandfather always said that success usually takes 3 generations. So in the long term perspective, do I have the potential to be Hiao-Tsium or Yo Yo Ma? This analogy was brought on by my personal reflection as well as a review of the work I have actually accomplished. 

Looking back at this very blog, I realize that the last posting to this blog as several years ago. In my mind, however, it felt like I last posted some time during Christmas. 

I was however, working on my dreams a lot off line and I feel pretty positive about my artistic future. But do I want to become as famous as Yo Yo? I believe the jury is out on that one.
Here are some of the pics of my GNG friends play testing my game.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

It's all coming together, DAP Tales

It's funny how it all suddenly happens. I have been working on this game for over 8 years and the execution only took me a couple of hours. My husband didn't know I could do 3D work. I looked at him and asked if he knew that I'm a AIA grad. He just laughed and stared at the 3D sword illustrations. I have been also working on several books... So far... 16 of them. Reviewing what I have so far is somewhat daunting. When will I ever finish?

Lately I've been quite excited about the future. I'm in the bubble of creativity at the moment and I'm riding the air as I avoid pricks. Man! There are a lot of pricks! One prick in particular -- getting over being a starving artist. There is so much that I want to accomplish but the lack of money gets in the way, so I'm going to take Aziz Ansari's advice and keep working and perfecting my skill. Doors of opportunity are meaningless when you aren't ready to go through them.

Friday, August 1, 2014

What's in a note, DAP Tales?

OK. So I'm one of those people who are actually afraid of certain still things. What type of silly things? Well, I'm afraid of crowds of teenagers, homeless folk to talk to themselves and approaching people when I have something to sell or to use their location. Pretty silly right? The last fear on my list is really hampering my success. I'm the sort of person who likes to focus on her strengths rather than my weaknesses. That is one of the reasons why I formed the GNG. It was a way to meet like minded friends.Sure the GNG isn't what I hoped it would become but it is developing on its own course and I've made some good friends.

Last year we made some scrolls for the elderly. It forgot the name of the woman who organized the whole thing but I was impressed with the whole effort.  There are a lot of kind people in Atlanta and I think I should try to be around them more. Usually when I kind, I am taken advantage of, but I enjoyed the feeling and I think I'll continue the scrolls idea. I try to live by my motto, 'If you can, you should." so I'm going to try harder. This year, I'm going to read for the public, even though I hate doing that. I'm also going to reach out to the shelters and share my talent with them. This year I've tried hard to sell my work but I think my soul is a little tired of it. I'm going to focus on spread joy as much as I hug my Joi. LOL.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Pat your back, DAP Tales!

Happiness is a really good art day!
Had a lot of fun at the Doo Gallery today. Started off *meh* but ended really well. I even sold a book. I need to do this kind of stuff more often... Hell, I will do this kind of stuff more often. I had a goal to put GNG work in an art gallery and it happened today. Now our work will be auctioned in the gallery. SWEET!  Pics to come soon.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

It's all coming out, DAP Tales!

I'm on a roll. It took so long to work out the details of the project but now I've finally started belting these out. Yay!!!!